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Greg Darnell, Coach and Hypnotist

Medford Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy – I received my Masters in Psychology in 1987 and I am a certified hypnotherapist and life coach. I specializes in helping clients to quit smoking, achieve weight loss goals and treat anxiety disorders, such as PTSD. I use proven techniques and my many satisfied clients in the Medford area are a testament to this success.

I offer private sessions in my office, online Skype sessions with clients worldwide, and corporate programs for stress control and smoking cessation. I enjoy sharing hypnosis with others, and I am available to speak to your group.

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Life Coaching

Life coaching helps people live the life they really want. Sometimes life coaching focuses on helping a person manage situations in the workplace, personal relationships, or other important areas of life. Life coaching can also provide you with specific skills. For example, many people come to me for financial coaching, so I can help change destructive financial habits and find a way to manage or make more money in a positive way. I also help people heal from trauma or hurt, moving into a new future, no matter what the past has held.


Hypnosis is a proven method for changing habits, beliefs and actions. In my office I help people lose weight and stop smoking. I also help people with PTSD and other difficulties that are related to trauma, stress or anxiety. Hypnosis is also a great way to overcome limiting beliefs like fears or phobias, and to develop confidence in any any situation. Call me today, at Medford Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy and lets use the power of hypnosis to renew your mind, and renew your life!

A Window To Hope

Stop unwanted behavior, change attitudes and emotions, overcome fears and phobias, gain financial peace, and develop a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

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